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With Sendacash Pay, you can send or request money to anyone in the UK with a smartphone. Chat with friends in the chat section and send other users your QR code to be paid. It is easy, faster, and simple.

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Simple and reliable messaging

With Sendacash Pay, you can send messages to your family and friends securely in our app and send and request money from them. The app is secured by password and pin and so all your chats are only accessible by you. Remove the hassle of chatting and leaving the chat to go and transfer money from your bank. It is simple with our in-app chat, just click on send or request and its done.

QR code payments

The Sendacash Pay app comes with exciting features like a QR code scanner which enables payments using QR codes. To pay a friend simply scan their unique QR code and their payment details are then displayed, and you can pay them by the touch of a button. To be paid, show your QR code to the person, they should scan the QR code with the scanner in their Sendacash Pay app and they can pay you instantly. Its simple fast and efficient.

Your data encrypted and 100% secure

We use the best data encryption methods to secure customer data. All debit and credit cards stored in the system are encrypted together with the chats exchanged between users. You can rest assured that we have your back and you can transact on our platform securely.

Some most frequently asked questions.

How do I upload funds?

To load funds onto your e-wallet, go to the home screen and click Add Money. Choose how much you want to pay and then choose the method of payment whether its debit/credit card or online banking. You will be migrated to a payment page where you can enter your details. If the top up is successful, you will receive a notification and the wallet will be updated instantly.

How do I get paid with QR code?

To be paid straight into your e-wallet, either share your QR code with the person you wish to be paid from. They should download your QR code and go to Pay and click Add QR code from gallery. Your details will come up on their screen and they can pay you. Or show your QR code in My QR to the person and they can go to Pay and scan your QR code and then pay you. It is fun getting paid with Sendacash Pay.

How do I request money owed?

To request money, go to Send and select the username of the person. The payment page will come, click Request From? and enter how much you are requesting and then write a small message and the reason for the request. The receiver will receive the request in their Money Request. You can also click the top right link next to chats then click on Money Request. Search for the username of the person and then request the money. To pay all they need to do is click pay on the request and pay you.

How do I pay a merchant?

Merchants who are signed up with Sendacash Pay display a QR code with the business name on it. To pay, click Pay and scan the QR code. Before you pay, make sure the business name is the one that comes on the payment page. Then put how much you are paying and confirm.

How do I get verified?

To be a verified user, you need to upload the requested KYC documents (Proof of ID and proof of address). If you are not approved, you will be able to transfer money, but you will not be able to withdraw funds. Documents accepted include I.D cards, Resident Permits, Passport, Bank Statement, P60, Utility Bills.

Is the e-wallet safe?

An e-wallet is safer than carrying a physical wallet. We use two layers of protection (password and pin). If you cannot remember your pin, you will be prompted to enter your password to recover or reset your pin. A One Time Passcode will be sent to your registered phone to verify it is you who made the request. The card details stored in the e-wallet are encrypted and no person besides you will be able to use them.

How do I withdraw my money?

To withdraw, go to the home screen and click withdraw. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select the bank account you wish to withdraw to. You will only be permitted to withdraw to your own account number. Withdrawals attract a 3% fee. Withdrawals take between 2-4 days depending on the bank processing times.

Do you charge for loading the wallet?

If you are topping your account with a debit card or via online banking, we do not charge you. However, if you use a corporate or credit card, we charge a processing fee of 3%. You should also check with the card issuer who may also charge you for cash withdrawals.

How do I change my password or pin?

To change your pin or password, click on settings and go to security. Select which one you need to change. If you change your password, you will be logged out and you must re-enter your changed password.

Amazing features of Sendcash Pay.


Send money to other users on the Sendacash Pay app fast without having to set up a payee. Just search for the username of the person and send the money instantly. Funds send are accessible to the recipient instantly.

QR Payments

Making payments with Sendacash Pay using QR codes is fun and easy. The recipient can send their QR code to the sender via My QR and the sender uploads the QR code in Pay. The details of the recipient will come on the screen and they can make the payment. You can also make payments to businesses signed up with us by scanning their QR code.


Our app is a social payments platform that enables users to send and receive money as well as chat about everything else. All chats sent or received are encrypted and Sendacash Pay has no access to them. You can chat safely knowing that your messages are safe, and you alone have access to them.

Request to Pay

Send requests to other users for payments easily in our app and get paid instantly. Receive a notification when the request has been paid in your account.


With our e-receipts feature, you can store all your receipts for payments and transfers and access them any time. These receipts can be downloaded to any device or printed or shared to other users as proof of transfer or payment.

Hear from what other people had to say.

“I organize events and before I used to be paid cash at the venue. Now I can send my posters and flyers with my QR code and people are paying me into my account in advance. Its very convenient and it has improved my sales.”

Wesley Magidi



“The app makes it easy to send or request money from other users. You do not need to set up a payee as in online bank transfer. Just search for the username then pay or request. It’s a fun way of paying!”

Stephen Hart

“When you go out with friends and have a group bill, one person pays, and they can then send a request for payment to the other users in the group easily in the Sendacash Pay app. When you are paid you receive a notification and you know who has paid you, it’s a great social app.”

Karen Jake

“This app lets you pay and request money and chat in one platform. It is a completely unique experience because most of the time after you send money or request, you want to say something to the person. With this app you can do that.”

Angie Karim

“I organize events and before I used to be paid cash at the venue. Now I can send my posters and flyers with my QR code and people are paying me into my account in advance. Its very convenient and it has improved my sales.”

Wesley Magidi

“Our restaurant uses the Sendacash Pay QR codes for payments. We place these QR codes on tables and customers can pay us by scanning and paying at the table, no need to come to the till. They show us their receipt in the app, andthey can leave. Customers like this convenience.”

Emily Keeve

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